Individual Therapy

Therapy is a word used to describe treatment or intervention when it comes to helping individuals through psychological difficulties. Psychological difficulties are often perceived to be ‘negative thinking’ which causes a person to struggle in their every day life. But it is so much more than that. In psychology we consider every aspect of the person, as we are complex beings – physical health, emotions, thinking patterns, behavior, relationship with self, relationship with others, circumstances, personal history, etc.

My approach to therapy is integrative, meaning I take into account the various aspects of a person’s life and functioning, and I use different methods and theories as are best suited to the individual, to understand the problem and help the person work through it.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of intervention that deals with the interactions between people, as opposed to working only with an individual. Individual behaviour is often a response to internal interactions (thinking, feeling, past experiences) but it is also a response to external interactions. The most significant of these are those that occur within family. Family therapy tries to help the individual members understand what dynamics are happening between one another that influence the family as a whole, but also how it influences each individual. The aim is to promote healthy interactions and healthy relationships, resulting in healthy individuals.

Couple Therapy and Parent Guidance

Interactions between people influences the way individuals behave. Therefore, children’s behaviour can be understood and influenced through their relationship with their parents. The interactions between a couple also influence children’s wellbeing. Couple therapy and parent guidance assists parents to understand the interactions between themselves as a couple, but also their interactions with their children. In promoting healthy interactions and healthy relationships between parents, and between parents and children, we can influence the emotional and behavioural health of our children. Parent guidance also involves practical tools on how to parent effectively.

Play Therapy

Children are often unable to explain or understand what is happening to or within them without the guidance of a reflective adult. Children can experience intense emotion, and without help their natural reaction can sometimes lead to difficulties. Play therapy creates a safe space for children to work through and process difficult emotions. It also helps them figure out what is happening in their world and how to better manage it.