Workshops and presentations

Workshops are aimed at addressing relevant issues for parents, teens, children and teachers. Interactive, large or small group orientated. Researched based and practically applicable. A variety of topics can be addressed:

Development, Learning problems, Behavioural problems, Bullying, Stress management, Study skills, Decision making, Effective parenting, Psychological disorders, Inclusive education, Special needs support, Trauma, Classroom management, …

Workshop topics that have been well received include:

Discipline in context: Managing disruptive classroom behaviour associated with trauma
Disruptive children plague our classrooms, but rarely is the underlying cause discovered. A majority of our learners are faced with ongoing trauma which can lead to disruptive behaviour. Teachers can sometimes find themselves torn between managing the classroom and care for the traumatised learner. This workshop looks at behaviour management skills for the classroom, in the context of understanding trauma and assisting the learner to work though their pain.

  • Understanding Behaviour related to Trauma
  • The Needs of the Child
  • Understanding Discipline
  • Tips for the Classroom

Open ears; Open hearts: Creating an environment of trust and open communication between parent and child
The relationship between parent and child is delicate, especially as the child ages. Opening communication channels between parents and children is a complex and dynamic process. Parents hold the key to creating a home environment that allows for trust to develop and for communication to flow openly. This workshop looks at practical skills to developing an open parent-child relationship.

  • Communicating unconditional love
  • Honesty and trust
  • Non-judgemental discipline
  • Effective listening
  • Communication skills

The ‘S’ word: Managing stress and regaining control
Anxiety is one of the most common emotions experienced by people today. We often feel overwhelmed by everyday life. This workshop focuses on identifying and managing stress in our lives through practical strategies that will help you cope and regain a sense of control and wellbeing.

  • Understanding and identifying stress
  • The effects of stress
  • Managing stress
  • Regaining control

Effective parenting:

This four part course for parents focuses on the effects that parenting has on children and the results it carries into adulthood. While there is no such thing as a perfect parent, effectively parenting a child is something that is learned and improved on over time. The course covers four key principles of effective parenting:

Effective parenting:

  • Recognises the child’s needs and adapts accordingly
  • Is values-based and purposeful
  • Trains and equips children for their future
  • Communicates unconditional love